Police walked into a heartbreaking crime scene after a loud gunshot was heard inside a residential home.


48-year-old Larry Thompson lived in Frost, Texas with his wife and their twin daughters. On February 8th, Larry and his wife got into a disagreement. According to the local Sheriff's Office, Larry's wife told deputies after their disagreement, she took their children and left the home. 


The next day everyone was back home. The wife had left the home again for a moment and when she returned she reportedly heard a gunshot as she pulled up to the home. Immediately, she phoned the police and they quickly arrived at the home to check out the disturbance.

When deputies arrived they discovered Thompson was home and he was extremely hostile. Thompson was armed with a handgun and making threatening statements. The Sheriff's Office threatened he would become violent with police and his family if anyone tried taking his children away from him.


Thompson's mother had been in contact with him and the twin girls at their home and deputies began discussing the issue with her. However, within just minutes of her leaving Thompsons' home, deputies heard two gunshots coming from the house.

The SWAT team was quickly contacted. They tried making contact with anyone in the home but received no response. The SWAT team then made their way inside and found a disturbing scene. The bodies of Thompson and his twin daughters were found dead inside.

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