Yesterday we took our listeners on a time machine backward in time, to their school days by asking our Question of The Day.

If lunch was your "favorite subject in school"...YOU ARE NOT ALONE! In fact, our question of the day took off faster than the lunch ladies hair nets at 1:00!

Photo courtesy of Youtube/
Photo courtesy of Youtube/Well Done

So sit back, put a napkin on your lap & enjoy our reader comments for our Q of the D...

What was your favorite school cafeteria food growing up?

St. Joseph High School CRISPITOS FOR THE WIN! In fact, students STILL vote for Crispitos as their favorite lunch item. It's fair to say, even before we posted the question, St. Joe is famous for them! You've got to see how many folks responded with their statement of affection for them!


But we got over 50 replies from all over the Crossroads! Here come a handful with even more further below.

Food one
food two
food 6

Speaking of... WHAT ABOUT RECTANGLE PIZZA? Well, several of our listeners LOVED those yummy rectangle pizzas too.

food 15

The list goes on! With more pictures too!

Who remembers these yummy fried vegetable fritters? They served them at Cuero Middle School in the 1980s!

Photo Courtesy of Youtube
Photo Courtesy of Youtube

You can buy them from Ardo here!

Or make your own grown-up version here, but they aren't the same! In fact, we love the ones from our school memories better!

Check out ALL of the responses below and be sure to add your favorite on the post too!

Well, now I am STARVING and have to leave for lunch.

But one more video before I go.

Thank you to ALL of our listeners who reply to our Question of the Day. You never know what we will ask or whose responses we will read on air but you do know IT WILL BE FUN- whatever we do!

If you've ever wondered how rectangle pizza is made, like the ones from our school days, here you go! Thanks to Well Done on Youtube.

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