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Zayn Malik Revealed Which One Direction Member's Music He Likes Best

When asked to name his favorite fellow member of One Direction during an interview, Zayn Malik initially wouldn't answer the question. But then he changed his mind and answered, "I’ll tell you what... Niall's my favorite. Niall makes the best music. There you go." Zayn even went as far to say that Niall makes better solo music than him! (via Just Jared)

Demi Lovato's Friend Clears Her Name Following Overdose Rumors, Blame

Demi Lovato's best friend, Dani Vitale, shared that she was incorrectly blamed by fans for Lovato's near-fatal 2018 overdose. Vitale revealed in Lovato's new docuseries, Dancing with the Devil, that she lost her teaching job and her gig as a backup dancer due to the rumors. (via Page Six)

Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Be in Charge if Aliens Invade Earth 

Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected by 2,000 adults in the U.K. to be put in charge if aliens ever invade earth. Schwarzenegger was thankful for their vote, responding, "I want to thank the people for putting their faith in me. I am ready to serve." The second person selected to kick alien butt? Will Smith, of course. (via TMZ)

33 Boneless Wings Eaten in 90 Seconds

Joey Chestnut ate 33 wings in 90 seconds in an FCF eating competition. The contestant who placed second consumed 31 wings, while the third place contestant scarfed down 28. (via TMZ)

Vanessa Bryant Reveals Names of Sheriffs Who Shared Pics of Kobe Crash 

On her Instagram, Vanessa Bryant named the four Los Angelos Country Sheriff's Deputies who shared unauthorized photos from the helicopter crash that killed her husband, daughter and seven others. A judge had given her permission to release the names. (via CNN)

Brittany Murphy Docu-Series Lands at HBO Max

HBO Max will be releasing a two part docu-series on beloved actor Brittany Murphy's rise to fame, as well as her mysterious and untimely 2009 death. (via Just Jared)

A New Way to Go To Number 2?

A woman on TikTok posted a video showing herself going to the bathroom... backwards. In the clip, she uses the toilet tank as a shelf to hold her snacks and laptop as she watches Netflix. The video has gone viral, though many comments call her behavior unsanitary.

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