Department stores are great for everyday needs. It’s a one-stop shop for your bedding, electronics, and sometimes even your grocery needs. Target is one of the biggest department stores in the United States. This magical place not only has everything you could possibly need, but they have unbelievable prices.

While Target is a great place for all of your domestic needs, you should still look to have a little fun while in the store. We’re not just talking about bowling for laundry detergent, either. We have some creative ways to get kicked out of your local Target department store. Here are 1o ways to get kicked out of Target.

1. Run up and down the isles yelling “Attention Walmart shoppers!”

2. Re-arrange the DVD section into Adam Sandler movies and everything else.

3. Use as many items in the outdoors department as you can to set up a campsite in the middle of the store.

4. Three words: shopping cart races.

5. Try on as many T-shirts as you can at one time.

6. Go to the toy department while in those T-shirts and knock everything off the shelves as if you were the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.

7. Spray paint a bullseye on a bull terrier and let it lose in the store. Run after him and yell, “He’s getting away! Bullseye is getting away!  Grab him before he snitches to ASPCA!”

8. Build a giant pyramid consisting of various items from the health and beauty department.

9. Fall to the floor, start rolling around and say, “The savings! The savings! I can’t handle the amount of savings!”

10. Bring your bow and arrow to the store and start firing at the logo around the store. If you hit the center, be sure to yell “Bullseye!”

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