America the Great

Each state has its way of doing things. Their population and society function uniquely. That's great, it is what makes America so diverse and unique. However, when you move from one state to another there is a period of adjustment that takes place.

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Getting Used to Texas

You learn the new spots ideals, traditions, and so much more. For instance, I was raised in Los Angeles for the majority of my school years. When I first moved to California it took some getting used to.

Moving back to Texas in my adult life was an interesting roller coaster. I eventually gained my accent back and remembered why people love the LoneStar state so much.

California vs Texas

The houses are cheap, the cost of living is incredible, and you can see the sky at night. There are some things, however, that took some getting used to. Walking into a state and feeling like you took a time machine back a few years. The trends don't quite hit Texas as quickly as California, Imean that's cool, I loved leopard print, let's do it all over again, round 2!

The Texas versus California debate has been going for a long time. Honestly, I love both states. There are qualities to each that reel me in. Texas is my full-time home, but California will forever have a place in my heart.

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