A group of teenagers pulled off a heist at a Wells Fargo Bank branch in Houston.


Social media is having a field day after the Houston FBI asked for help on X after the robbery.

Little Rascals

Despite the immediate response from law enforcement, the young thieves remain at large, leaving Houston Police scrambling to track them down. Authorities are urging anyone with information to come forward and assist in the investigation. Concerned citizens can reach out to Houston Crime Stoppers at (713) 521-4600 to provide any tips or leads that could help apprehend the perpetrators.

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Social media users quickly ran to the comments section. One user jokingly said:

"My mom said she can pick us up if your mom can drop us off?"

Many users were surprised that the boys, who are believed to be 14-18 years old, were not immediately captured. One person said:

"What’s more embarrassing, getting robbed by middle schoolers or the FBI not being able to find them?"

Others brush it off and claim it's karma.

"They’re just doing to Wells Fargo what Wells Fargo does to everyone else".

The group of teenage boys is still on the run and the FBI continues to pursue the hunt. Humor aside, if you have any information or recognize these "rascals" please call 713-222-TIPS.

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