Summer is creeping up fast and for parents, that is a scary time. Just because summer comes that doesn't mean time just magically stops. Work continues and life keeps moving, but for those with kids, especially younger ones, summer can be a challenge; school is out and kids get restless.

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You hear it all summer long, "I'm sooooOOo BooOredDd" "There nothing to dOooO." In inevitable, there was always a summer where you stayed home and just watched TV all day long and ate snacks. However, it doesn't have to be like that anymore, especially here in the Crossroads. We've put together a list of some summer camps to send your kids to keep them active and most importantly, keep their minds stimulated while they are out of school.

Camps from performing arts to building fighting robots, somewhere in the Crossroads there's a perfect place for your kid! So check out some of these camps, and let us know on our social media feeds of any other camps we missed!


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    The Children's Discovery Museum

    The Discovery Museum is a fascinating place to keep your kids' minds stimulated this summer. Their camps help "keep kids engaged in Stem, the arts and literary through the power of play." There are half-day sessions for kids ages 3-8 and grad school sessions for kids ages 9-13.

    Camp activities include a wide range of activities, including Lego Robotics Camp and even Battle Bot Camp. Kids are sure to have a blast in Rocket Camp, and the younger kids can channel their creative minds in Art Camp.

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    Los Adrianes Daily Vlog - Youtube

    Texas Zoo

    The Texas Zoo is bringing a camp that is super unique for each kid! The camp offers four different types of camps, and it is catered towards each kid's interest. They have a Keepers Camp that is perfect for campers who want to learn what it is like to be a ZooKeeper, and their Trainer Camp gives an "in-depth look at how and why zoos train their animals." The Texas Zoo offers various other camps to keep kids interested in wildlife and offer an exclusive look inside zoo life.

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    THE Y

    The Y is almost a tradition. They have camps for kids from Kinder to teenagers. Camp is Monday through Friday from 7 am-6 pm, which is perfect for the working parent who still wants their kid to have fun this summer.

    The Y keeps their kids active both indoors and outdoors. They have hands-on craft projects and activities. They will also take trips outside to the pool, and depending on the age group; they take field trips around the community to places like the Zoo.

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    Theatre Victoria

    Send that little performer to the theatre this summer. The Theatre Victoria is hosting their T3 Summer Camp this year and is perfect for kids of just about every age. They have a part for kids a young as four to 18. Each young performer will learn the ways of the stage. "Campers will get the opportunity to shine as they perform in one of the camp musicals."

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    Kids Camp @ VC

    Victoria College is hosting Kids College this summer! They will have various camps that kids can sign up for—Hot Wheels World of Discovery Camp to Wheels, Wings and Motorized Things Camp, and of course, Play-Doh Science Camp. There are many more different areas the college is offering. It is sure to be a fun and stimulating time for kids this summer.

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