Look at the size of that thing! Nathan Wright (17) and Colton Roberts (20) live in Comanche County, Texas, and this week they are hoping their catch is a record-breaker.

In Texas, you are allowed to use dogs to chase feral hogs and to corner them. That's exactly what these guys did near the town of Proctor which is about two hours southwest of Dallas according to KHOU.com.

The two men are cousins and spent a morning last week out on the hunt. They managed to kill three wild hogs in one morning but the largest of the three is a sight that is surprising everyone. The 460-pound hog was killed with a hunting knife. Wright and Roberts say they believe they've seen some boars just as big if not bigger than the ones they caught, but that they never thought they would actually catch it and kill it.

With some 2.6 million feral hogs in our state, authorities are happy to hear the news as hunting for feral hogs is largely encouraged just to manage the population. Billions of dollars in crops and fields are ruined every year by the animals. The hogs are unprotected, exotic, non-game animals, there are no limits or hunting permits needed. You just need to make sure you have the landowner's permission.

As many Texans know, where you find corn there is a good bet there will be hogs. Wright and Roberts have a couple of options when it comes to processing. They told KHOU that sometimes they can take the hogs to processors in San Antonio who sell the meat (which is popular in Europe), and sometimes they'll eat the hog themselves. Roberts says really big boars like the one they caught are just too nasty to eat.

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