Texas DPS has issued an Amber Alert for a 7-month old toddler from Ennis, Texas who was taken from his father's home just before 11 A.M. Thursday.

Miguel Ramirez weighs 25 pounds with light brown hair and blue eyes and was last seen wearing a mickey mouse diaper. The boy was taken by his mother Faith Reid along with a yet unidentified male. Faith Reid is a 20-year-old white female who stands 5 foot two inches, weighing around 115 pounds. You can see the Amber Alert from Texas DPS by clicking the button below.

Child Taken from Father's Home in Ennis

Reid and the unknown male she was with entered the home of Miguel's father without permission and left with the baby. Miguel's father stopped them on the front lawn and the situation escalated. The male who was with Reid pulled a gun and threatened to shoot Miguel's father on site. The man placed Miguel into a white extended cab pickup truck and drove off with the boy and his mother.

The Suspect's Vehicle is a White Extended Pick Up Truck

The authorities believe the vehicle to be a Ford F-150 pick up which may have an extended cab. A photo of the vehicle is included in the Amber Alert button above. Police believe this little boy to be in immediate danger.

Please Help Bring Miguel Home

Ennis police are standing by to speak with anyone who may have more information about Miguel or the whereabouts of his Mother Faith. Anyone with additional information should contact Ennis police by calling 972-875-4462.

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