One of the most shocking endangered missing persons cases in Texas history continues.

Texas authorities are offering that they will leave, "no stone unturned" as the search continues for missing 6-year-old, Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez, whose disgusting mother, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, shockingly claims she "sold him" to an unknown woman at a Fiesta Mart grocery store.

The latest search warrant reveals more about the missing child's case, including an investigation into multiple reports of abuse and neglect as well as information that Noel might have been sold to a complete stranger at a local Texas grocery store.

There is no evidence of Noel being sold, but tons of reports indicate that Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez may have special needs and have been severely abused and neglected before his mother, his stepfather, and his six siblings fled the United States to Turkey and may be headed or living in India now.

You read that right, his mother and stepfather fled the country.

Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez was reported missing by concerned family members in March 2023 with some family members telling authorities they hadn't seen Noel since November of last year.

An Amber Alert was issued on March 25 for Noel but the next day, the alert was altered to an endangered missing person report.

Days after conducting a welfare check at the dwelling, police from Everman, Texas learned that Noel's mother, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, the stepfather, and siblings boarded a flight to Turkey and then possibly to India on March 23. Noel was not on the flight, according to police.

Police were told originally that Noel's mother left Noel with his biological father but his father had been deported back to Mexico before Noel was even born. Noel's father claims he does not have his son.

"We are looking at everything... the home, any documents, electronic devices left behind, we're looking at cellphone and vehicle geo data," one investigator offered. "We are truly leaving no stone unturned."

Here is a video on Youtube from Fox Now that covers the latest on this tragic story.

As investigators continue their investigation, Texans continue to hope that Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez is found safe and that his mother is brought to justice.



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