Remember the American dream? Well, it might be a distant memory, if one survey is to be believed.

A new poll of 600 Americans found citizens are upset about several issues.

Seventy percent say the government isn't fixing the problems facing the country. Eighty-one percent feel we're not seeing the types of jobs we need. Eighty-nine percent are furious about the inflated price of gas. Yikes! That's a lot of anger.

About half don't feel President Barack Obama has a plan to take care of the economy, which would be really great news for Republicans if it wasn't for the fact more than half don't have any more confidence in the GOP.

More than half also say the poor state of the economy has had a negative impact on their marriage.

Things have gotten so bad, in fact, that some respondents said they were angry at God. Yeah, the big man upstairs. And a few others said things have been so tough, they can't sleep and have even lost some of their sex drive.

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