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We are honored to present to minority high school seniors in the Crossroads an opportunity to earn the first Gary Moses Ride for Change Scholarship presented by Frank Pain of Ride for Change and our very own Brother Gary Moses.

For the last few months, we spotlighted our dear friend and fellow radio personality, Frank Pain who had an incredible epiphany during arguably one of the most troubling times in America today. He saw the tear in our society culturally and wanted to be a part of positive change. As an avid Harley Davidson rider, Frank took to the road and made a commitment to travel to various radio markets to promote a conversation he wanted to have about minorities in school all the while raising money for minority scholarships.

Here is an excerpt from one of several articles we wrote during Frank's journey.

"With the pandemic, the looming election, and then the social unrest, 2020 has been such an unruly year. It hurt my heart, I had to take a break from social media. I had to do something," Frank offers sincerely.

His way to 'do something' is to advocate, educate, and raise local dollars for local minority scholarships in every town he will ride through in the weeks ahead. 

You can read those interviews in their entirety in the buttons below.

If you are a minority senior high school student in the Crossroads with at least an 80 average and 30 hours of community service, you likely qualify for the opportunity to receive the Gary Moses Ride for Change scholarship.

The Gary Moses Ride for Change Scholarship packets can be picked up and returned at Townsquare Media located at 107 North Star Drive or you are welcome to print and type an application on your own from the link below.

One final thought from Frank, "This is about our future, now is the time to put action behind the hashtag "BeAGoodHuman." 

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