It was a wonderful afternoon of friendship, fellowship, and food.

Photo Courtesy of Wes Adams

Just a few days ago, two men who have been working on the same mission in two separate cities in Texas came together to shake hands and solidify a partnership they had been forging weeks before.

Brother Gary Moses and Frank Pain have been working to raise money for The Gary Moses Ride for Change Scholarship to be awarded to a deserving minority student or hopefully students as Frank Pain travels through Texas on his motorcycle and Brother Gary Moses works within the Victoria community to raise funds and awareness about the hope of raising money for minority scholarships through Ride for Change.

Gary and Frank spent their extended lunch hour getting to know each other along with our local Townsquare Media family discussing the inspiration and processes for Ride for Change.

Photo Courtesy of Ingra Lee

Ride for Change is Frank's personal mission. As a radio DJ and content director in Abiline with Townsquare Media, Frank offers, "With the pandemic, the looming election, and then the social unrest, 2020 has been such an unruly year. It hurt my heart, I had to take a break from social media. I had to do something," Frank has spent the last few weeks riding through Texas and parts of Oklahoma's communities to educate and advocate for change.

For Victoria, we could not think of any other citizen more 'community' than Brother Gary Moses. In fact, we asked our community who we should name Victoria's Ride for Change Scholarship after and our listeners came back with a resounding vote. 

Photo Courtesy of Ingra Lee

Brother Gary Moses was honored to learn he became the benefactor. " I have always said, anything for the children in my community."

The Brother Gary Moses Ride for Change Scholarship is seeking donations to present to as many deserving minorities as our community can raise money for in the next few months. Gary Moses Ride for Change applicants will need to adhere to criteria that includes being community-minded as well as academically motivated.

If you would like to donate to Ride for Change, just click here.

100 percent of the funds raised in Victoria will go to deserving Victoria minority students.

Thank you.

You can learn more about Ride for Change in the buttons below.

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