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This might have been my favorite Question of the Day on one of our Townsquare Media Facebook posts of ALL TIME!

It's our Q of the D; Fill in the blank; Welcome to Victoria, Home of the___________

Okay, I've got to give a shout-out to DJ JP for thinking to ask our Q of the D on the Jp and Ingra Lee Morning Show. The responses so far have been absolutely hilarious and many of them are SPOT ON!

Here is your chance to answer what first came to mind. We will definitely read some of your responses on the Jp and Ingra Lee Morning Show on Kixs 108 before the weekend, no matter what station you're responding to the question on.

Check out some of the responses on Facebook!

I've always joked that Victoria is home to the "Identity Crisis!"

Don't get me wrong, I love our community with all of my heart, but every time I see a "Keep Austin Weird" bumper sticker when I travel to see our kids in Austin, or the cheeky response from College Station that reads, " Keep College Station Normal" I always think to myself..." What is Victoria's bumper sticker?"

Welcome to Victoria, Home of the Identity Crisis. I mean come on, we were once The City of Roses, a few years ago we were " Bringing Our Boots." We also fly six flags over our community with a rich Spanish Heritage so why not something that highlights that fact?

In 2024 Victoria will be celebrating its bicentennial! Who are we going to be?

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