Notch in the Belt Food Challenges

You might want to prep for these challenges. Maybe consider fasting or a quick cleanse before tackling these food feasts. Everybody knows Texans go big or go home, and these South Texas restaurants really take it seriously when it comes to food. Think you could handle the challenge? Add an extra notch to your belt buckle and get ready for some enormous Texas-sized challenges:


San Antonio Diabolical Burger Challange

First up is the 4 Horseman Challenge. This is made at a burger joint in San Antonio just down the road from us here in the Crossroads! Now, this devilish burger is corrosively hot. It requires gloves to be eaten and has multiple peppers layered within it. You'd have to have a tongue of steel to get through this without tears. The burger's size isn't what makes it impossible to eat; it's the fresh jalapenos, serrano peppers, habanero sauce, and the infamous ghost peppers that make it almost inedible.

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The most diabolical part of this challenge is, after eating the entire burger, you have to wait five firey minutes without any water or milk. If you manage to get through this sinister trial, you will land yourself on the Wall of Flame. Do you think you could take the heat?


Chilling Moutain of Sweet Goodness

After burning your entire mouth up with the 4 Horseman Challange, you could drive up to Dallas and cool down at the Hypnotic Emporium. This ice cream shop is serving up an insane challenge called Mt. Hypnotic. The name is appropriate because there are enough scoops of ice cream to replicate an entire mountain. Your mouth won't be on fire like it was with the last challenge, but your brain may freeze on the 10th scoop or so.

This enormous challenge features 20 generous scoops of ice cream drizzled with hot fudge and caramel, sprinkled with Sixlets candy, peanuts, two Charleston Chew chocolate bars, an entire doughnut, and topped with a swirl of whipped cream.

Even the most ice cream-crazed kid would have a hard time tackling this one. If you manage to eat the entire mountain of goodness in under 30 minutes, you get the whole concoction for FREE- sign me up!


Honorable Mention

Now, Big Lou's may not necessarily have a challenge per se, but their food is definitely challenging to finish in general. They deserve an honorable mention for the mere fact that they pump out some ridiculously enormous-sized food.

If you have never heard or been to Big Lou's, go easy. Do not order with your stomach. Their larges are not your typical large. Heck, their smalls are not your typical smalls. Big Lou's is famous for its 62inch pizza. Each slice is easily the size of a small child! Trust me when I say this pizza is meant for an entire birthday party, not brunch with a few of the bros.

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