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The Almighty at Chachos Tacos. It's a whole lotta taco to love.

Tucked in the heart of Corpus Christi is a Mexican food restaurant that has stolen our hearts.

It's Chachos Tacos and they've got a breakfast taco dubbed appropriately as "The Almighty" that includes a challenge to finish every bite, and it's winning lots of love from its losing competitors.

Many have tried. Few have succeeded.

Located at 3700 Ayers Street, Chachos Tacos offers a breakfast taco challenge of sorts, by giving challengers a total of ten whole minutes to finish their plate that includes a single breakfast taco... which just happens to weigh 4 pounds.

Did you just say four pounds for a breakfast taco?

It's four pounds of a breakfast taco that includes a beautiful hand-made tortilla made fresh to order and includes countless eggs, beans, bacon, potatoes, carne guisada, and oh yes, cheese.


Here is a great video from Eatmigos on Youtube so you can see what you are getting yourself into. Or, 'out of' depending on your level of challenge.

So what does the winner get if they eat it all?

Well, outside of a belly full of breakfast, if the challenger can tackle all of The Almighty in ten minutes, they get... drum roll, please... a T-shirt AND their photo on the wall of fame!

The Almighty taco costs less than $20 and win or lose, you'll have a great story to share with friends and family the next time they ask you if you want a breakfast taco for breakfast.

"Nah, I'm still full from the breakfast taco I had at Chachos Tacos back in 2021. " You'll reply. "Did I ever tell you about the time I took the eating challenge?'

You go on to tell the tale over and over again.

Take the challenge! The Almighty Challenge!

Take the challenge the next time you are in Corpus Christi and let us know how you did! In the meantime, take note. The morning DJs around here are so in love with the idea of a four-pound breakfast taco they are trying to work out creating one of their own! Except, no one in the studio knows how to make a homemade tortilla. Sigh.


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