Days after Justin Bieber shared a shirtless photo of himself surfing, images of his heir apparent Austin Mahone filming his new video for ‘Say Somethin” on a stretch of beach in Florida popped up online.

Mahone is shirtless, on the beach and looking buff in many of the images. Beliebers, are you about to become Mahoners? Once you get a look at these images, we think the answer will be a resounding Y to the E to the S!

In the array of images from the set, Mahone splashes around, gets drenched and wears a tiger-like necklace that reminds us a wee bit of the talisman from the Hawaii episode of ‘The Brady Bunch’ (if you’re old enough to remember that show!) Then there are bikinied hotties positioned behind him as he sings and emotes for the camera. Those lucky ladies! They get to stare at Mahone’s derriere the whole time. This is what we call “fun in the sun,” people!


Mahone also tweeted about the shoot, informing fans that the video is on its way. He also shared the photo you see to the above, captioning it as such: “Video is coming soon!(; ‪#SaySomethin‬.”

Watch the Austin Mahone ‘Say Somethin” Lyric Video

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