Austin Mahone is clearly on his way to becoming the next Justin Bieber. All you need to do is listen to the clips of teenage girls shrieking with joy and glee at the mere mention of his name. During their interview, Z100 radio host Elvis Duran played clips of fans losing their you-know-what over Mahone, and the teen was surprisingly low-key when reacting to them. He was totally chill. He also dropped a bomb of information that will make the ladies who love him scream even louder. Are you ready, Mahone fans? Wait for it, wait for it … he’s single!

Mahone, who comes from a non-musical family of cowboys and ranchers, also admitted he thinks he is ready to take that step up into teen idol superstardom and is just getting used to girls fawning over him. Duran played advice Bieber offered Mahone during his own interview. The Biebs said, “Work hard, make good music. If you do that, you should be good. Keep good people around you. Stay consistent. Some people work hard to get to the top, and then they get there, ‘Oh I’m here.’ You can’t stop working. You have to keep working.” Write that down, Austin. If anyone knows how to make it HUGE, it’s Da Biebs.

Mahone then played guitar for an acoustic version of his hit ‘Say Somethin.” He sounded amazing. He’s a true talent who deserves the love of ladies who scream their lungs raw for him.

The singer, 16, also revealed his dream collabos. He’s eyeing Drake and Biebs. He also doesn’t think he is a threat to the massive popularity of Bieber, whom he met (and got a photo with) that day!

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