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Have you heard of Be Well Victoria?

Be Well Victoria is a nonprofit coalition working to improve the spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing of every individual regardless of economic status or race. They are a part of the Victoria Health Department, focused on giving each of us a VOICE IN THE COMMUNITY.

Mental Health Is A HUGE topic of interest not just in Victoria, but EVERYWHERE.

Be Well Victoria addresses how our community supports the resilience and mental health of our Crossroads community.  Including conditions that contribute to mental health disparities, and offers ways members of your community can come together to create and implement community-driven solutions. Be Well Victoria's main goal is to develop a community collaborative to assess, plan, and implement strategies to become a healthier community that supports resilience, mental health, and well-being.

Love Yourself Workshop Event and YOU are Invited!

You've probably heard a lot about learning to love yourself in order to better love others, or maybe you've heard that loving yourself is the first step to making big steps towards a more positive outlook in life but SELDOM do we read or hear about HOW TO LOVE YOURSELF!

Be Well Victoria Love Yourself Workshop Tuesday, February 15th

Be Well Victoria is about to change all of that with their latest workshop titled, "Love Yourself" It's a fun two-hour workshop held on Tuesday, February 15th from 6 to 8 pm at the Victoria Health Department, led by community health worker Sarrah Beaver who will share her story about her RADICAL SELF LOVE journey as well as teaching us how to truly love ourselves.

Registration is required, but tickets to the event are free. Just check out Be Well Victoria on Facebook or by clicking here. You can call Be Well Victoria at 578-6281 to register as well.

Victoria Report Townsquare Extra

Sarrah Beaver of Be Well Victoria will be our guest this Sunday, February 6th so be sure to listen in, she will be giving us all the deets there too!

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