Comedian Bob Saget made a pilgrimage back to the San Francisco home that made him a household name. And you just might recognize it.

"In San Fran. Couldn't resist," the former 'Full House' dad tweeted about his visit to the outside of the Victorian where his feel-good '80s/'90s sitcom supposedly took place. (The house was shown in the opening credits and in establishing shots.)

Former co-stars John Stamos and Dave Coulier (Uncles Jesse and Joey, respectively) were quick to respond to the snap, with Stamos joking, "Cool, The Munsters' house," and Coulier asking, "Can you see if my underpants are still hanging on the gutter?"

"I photobombed the 'Full House' house yesterday," Saget joked of the experience. "I took like 20 pictures because I thought I didn't look good in any of these -- you can't see the house! You gotta really show that that's the house!"

Saget told Us Weekly that the visit was completely spontaneous and overall made him feel a tad creepy.

"Cars were going by, and I was like I gotta get out of here! And a couple people kinda looked at me," he said. "One guy on a moped stopped with a look that was like, 'Oh, come on!'"

"People go there and see it like it's a cool thing. It's nice that it's not a negative memory. It's a home-cooked meal memory. So it was kind of weird being there."

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