The Bow Wow situation continues to unfold as more and more evidence comes to light. On Saturday (Feb. 9), video footage surfaced that shows Bow and his ex arguing in an elevator, with the rapper getting physical with the woman.

The footage was acquired by TMZ and appears to have occurred on Feb. 2, hours before they were both arrested for battery. In it, Bow Wow, Leslie Holden and two other men who appear to be with them enter the elevator. Bow Wow immediately gets in the woman's face and attempts to grab something out of her hand. He is unsuccessful the first time. He then grabs her wrist and forces her to let go of the item, which looks like it could be a set of keys.

Holden attempts to distance herself from the rapper who continues to argue at her. At one point, he gets inches from her face and yells. He continues to argue until the elevator stops and the occupants exit.

A short time later, Bow Wow and Holden would be arrested after getting into a fight that left the rapper with scars all over his face. They were both charged with battery after police could not determine who started the fight.

Earlier this week, the 911 call from the alleged fight surfaced. In it, Holden tells dispatchers, "[Bow Wow]'s was hitting me in places and he said that nobody is going to believe me." She also claimed to have been locked in a bedroom and having her phone taken away.

Bow Wow's lawyer Joe S. Habachy has claimed his client was unlawfully arrested following the fight. “Shad ‘Bow Wow’ Moss was wrongfully arrested earlier this morning for the first time after being beaten by an out of control intoxicated female, Ms. Leslie Holden, in his Atlanta condominium,” Habachy wrote. “The only two independent witnesses both corroborated his version of events indicating that Ms. Holden was simply out of control and was without a doubt the primary aggressor."

Check out the disturbing video of the elevator incident below.

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