With Britney Spears close to announcing her ‘X Factor‘ deal, another person is joining the staff of the Fox show: her fiance and future co-conservator, Jason Trawick.

E! Online reports that Trawick will receive a producer credit on the fledgling singing series. He will be there to guide and help out lady love Spears. “Jason is expected to be there every day Britney is on set,” a source said. “He is her rock and will help guide her through the process. He is the person she trusts the most.” So sweet!

Rumors have been going back and forth for months about whether Spears would in fact be joining ‘X Factor,’ but whispers are growing much louder this week that she came to an agreement with Simon Cowell and the show’s producers for $15 million.

Trawick will come in handy if Spears brings her sons on set, which was one of the points of her contract that she discussed not only with her producers, but also with her conservatorship judge. “She will travel out of state for auditions, as long as it doesn’t interfere with her custodial time with her sons,” a source told Radar Online. “The boys will be allowed to come to the set whenever Britney wants them there,” the insider said. “Her sons are her number one priority. Jason has been heavily involved in the contract talks.”

Since Trawick was heavily involved with the discussions of the deal, it makes sense that he’d be involved enough to get a production credit. Now, can we just get a formal announcement already?!

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