Someone is none too pleased with Britney Spears as of late, and it comes in the form of her supposed one time manager Sam Lutfi. You know… the guy that basically helped Brit have a breakdown in 2007. Such a dark time for us as Britney fans.

Anyway, if you’re a big Britney fan like we are, then you’d remember Lutfi filing a lawsuit against Spears and her family back in 2009 for a number of things including defamation of character and unpaid fees for his management services. Uh, Spears denies that Lutfi was ever her manager, so that’s an entire other story right there.

According to TMZ, “Lutfi wants to grill Britney about alleged defamatory statements her parents made about Lutfi, including that he drugged her and cut her phone wires to keep her away from her family. He also wants to ask Brit questions about an alleged management contract that guarantees him a cut of her fortune.”

When the suit was filed, Spears’ camp alleged that she wasn’t mentally fit to stand trial and testify as a witness. But now that she secured a spot as a judge on the upcoming season of ‘X Factor,‘ Lutfi is all, “Oh no she didn’t!” and decided to use that as evidence that Spears is mentally fit to testify as a witness, and included a DVD of Spears on ‘X Factor’ as proof.

A judge hasn’t ruled on the new evidence, but a hearing is set for September 25.

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