Britney Spears has been using and abusing social media as of late, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Basically because we eat up anything she puts out and can do no wrong in our eyes. In her latest social media venture, the ‘X Factor‘ judge took to Viddy, an app that allows users to make and create a video and share it across multiple social media platforms.

The 13-second video, titled ‘Coach Spears Pre-game Plan,’ features a gum chewing Spears with a shorter blonde ‘do, standing in front of a whiteboard with basketball courts drawn on it. “I’m gonna give the ball to Simon [Cowell] here, he’s gonna throw it to L.A. [Reid] and L.A.’s gonna throw it to Demi [Lovato],” she says excitedly in the vid. “And then Demi’s gonna throw it to me, and then we’re gonna score!”

But we imagine the singer’s excitement soon faded because lightning struck a production truck at the Greensboro, N.C. auditions and caused the lights in the stadium to go out. Brit and Demi were reportedly so scared, they ran and hid in their dressing rooms.

And to add fuel to the buzzkill, a contestant auditioned in Greensboro with Spears’ song ‘(You Drive Me) Crazy’ and butchered it so badly that Reid, Lovato, and Spears herself walked off the set. ”This contestant was so horrifyingly bad, they literally couldn’t stand it another second,” said an onlooker to THR. “L.A. Reid stood up and said he had enough and left, taking the girls with him. They all looked pretty pissed.”

Watch Britney’s Game Plan

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