Sorry, Simon Cowell — our girl Britney Spears doesn’t come cheap. The ‘Til the World Ends’ singer reportedly rejected a whopping $10 million to be on the ‘X Factor‘ judging panel.

According to Yahoo News, last week’s reports of Spears’ $10 million offer are old news.Some background:

Spears met up with Cowell, and the show ponied up the big bucks. Spears’ original $10 million offer was on par with her former rival Christina Aguilera, who earned the same amount for season three of ‘The Voice.’ Jennifer Lopez took home $12 million for ‘American Idol,’ so Spears would be in the top tier of diva judges.

Cowell was stoked about Spears. “Are we flattered there would be interest from Britney Spears? Yes.”

However, Spears is said to have declined the offer three weeks ago and is now considering a Las Vegas residency. The blonde bombshell is said to be asking Fox for $20 million, sending the network and Cowell into a scramble to fill its panel.

‘X Factor’ has already begun filming its season two auditions, but won’t need judges to film until May. In the meantime, Cowell and Fox have a big decision to make: Chalk up the cash for one of pop’s most influential stars ever, or seek inexpensive help elsewhere to fill Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger’s seats.

Cowell has recently backpedaled on any talk of an “A-list panel.” Maybe this is why!

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