Burger King is having some trouble trying to decide if it wants to present itself as a healthier option, a more convenient option, or the go-to for those who can’t get to a Jamba Juice.

Despite the schizophrenic business strategy, one thing’s for sure – the buzz around their newest menu item, the bacon sundae, is surprisingly positive. Reports suggest it will include “soft serve ice cream, caramel, chocolate, bacon bits, and a strip of bacon for garnish.”

The good news is they plan on using actual bacon whereas Jack in the Box only uses “bacon syrup” whatever that is. I wasn’t aware bacon made syrup but, then again, I also wasn’t aware that bacon could be manipulated into taco shells either.

What I do know is that for $2.49, it’s worth a shot. A bacon shot? Wow, they have that, too. Is there anything that bacon can’t be? It’s the five tool utility player of the food pyramid.

[image via Instagram]

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