Shawn Mendes revealed a steamy video teaser for his upcoming collaboration with his friend Camila Cabello on "Señorita."

Mendes shared the clip to his social media accounts with no caption needed. The video first begins with someone singing a singular note while the video shows Mendes and Camila in what appears to be the backseat of a car. They're a centimeter away from kissing when the video cuts to black, almost how an old movie would look with static fragments.

The teaser then shows Mendes staring off into space with the wind blowing in his hair. The next scene goes to Cabello dressed as a waitress at a restaurant. Cabello's posted teaser lasts 22 seconds while Mendes' lasts 19, though half of the time is a black screen with the added grain and static.

Cabello recently teased on her Twitter that new music and a new album is coming sooner than fans realize. Could this be a new song off of it? This isn't the first time the pair collaborated, Mendes and Cabello released the single "I Know What You Did Last Summer" in 2015 which reached Billboard's Top 20 Chart. This was the first official song Cabello released as a solo artist.

"Señorita" is available on June 21.



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