A car thief in Houston should be thankful for his life after a morning police chase.


A driver was traveling down a Houston road early Monday morning when they cross paths with a police officer. The policeman recognized the car as one that was reported stolen.

The officer immediately pulled behind the stolen vehicle, flickered his flights, and initiated a stop; however, the driver had other plans.


The driver quickly tried to take off and police followed closely behind. The police chase ended quickly after the driver lost control and crashed.


The car came to a quick stop when it rammed straight into a chain link fence. One of the metal posts from the fence smashed through the car, Unbelievably, the pole went through the driver's chest and smashed out through the back of the car.

Firefighters rushed to the scene and amazingly cut the pole in such a way in which, they were able to squeeze the man out of the car. The driver was rushed to the hospital where he unbelievably survived.

A passenger was also in the car and was unharmed.


This isn't the first time someone ended up in a chilling position after a car crash.

Just recently, an elderly woman in San Antonio found herself trapped underneath a vehicle...inside her home.

KENS 5 Youtube
KENS 5 Youtube

The 79-year-old woman was inside her San Antonio home when suddenly out of nowhere a Nissan SUV crashed straight through the side of her home.

The unlucky woman was in the area of the home where the car plummeted through. The woman was pinned down underneath the vehicle and was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

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