Spring Break 2022

Spring Break is right around the corner and for some, that means fun vacations, time going out, and beach parties. However, for possibly an even bigger margin of people, that means juggling young kids out of school and work; trust me, I'm one of them.

Staying Active During Break

No school means finding a safe place to send your kids when there is no babysitter. Even if your kids are a bit older and are responsible enough to stay home, keeping their brain and body active is vital during school closures.

Luckily, Victoria has a few options for the working parent. There are a few places around town that have amazing spring break camps that will keep your child active and educated.

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Spring Break Camps in Victoria

Spring break this year is March 14-20. Take a look at the options below and keep in mind the last day for sign-ups because some are approaching dangerously quick.


This one is at the top of the list because of its registration cut-off. 3/7/2022 is the final day for sign-ups, so get there before 9:00 pm to get your kiddo registered.
The Y is a great fun active place to send your kids for a few hours while you work.

The Texas Zoo

Kids love animals and what's more exciting than hanging around animals during their break? The Texas Zoo offers multiple options. Kids can choose to attend on select days or they can sign up for the entire week at a discounted rate.

This camp is a perfect place to let your child experience this spring break. Each day at the camp there will be hands-on educational workshops, crafts, and animal encounters, now that's exciting.

Children's Discovery Museum

One of my favorite places to send my little one is the Children's Discovery Museum. You can rest assured they will have fun and learn a few things too. STEM activities and playtime makes this camp extra fun.

Crossroads Art House

This fun camp will run March 15-17 from 1 till 4 pm. They have two options: you can drop in for $75 or do all three days for $150.

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