Another day, another Chris Brown song. The busy R&B singer released a new song on today (May 31) called ‘Countdown.’ Much like his previous sex-charged track ‘One More Time,’ Breezy is horny — once again — and is ready to break a woman off (meaning: he wants sex).

On the song, Brown flaunts his bedroom prowess and details all the freaky things he’s going to do to a woman whose boyfriend is romantically inattentive. “Lights out / Countdown / I want you to take it off right now / It’s the countdown / I’m about to wear you out lady,” he sings on the chorus.

Brown’s libido is in overdrive as he raps, “While he’s out partyin’ with his boys / I’ll be partyin’ in your mouth.” Oh behave, Breezy!

One thing we have to say about Brown: He’s been very consistent with his output of music. While it’s good that Brown is dropping all of these sex-drenched tunes, he must learn that quality always beats out quantity. And he’s needs to apply some quality control with these throwaway tracks, which are all sounding alike and nauseating.

At this point, we are anxiously waiting to hear Brown’s new material on his upcoming album ‘Fortune,’ which arrives in stores on July 3.

Listen to Chris Brown, ‘Countdown’