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Some of Santa's helpers might be wondering right now what in the holly ho Christmas pickles are anyway, and they are not alone.

Well, for all those lost elves out there, perusing the internet for more ways to bog Santa's sleigh down this holiday season, there are two kinds of Christmas pickles that are a really big dill during the holidays.

And they BOTH make great gifts!

boys and girls with Christmas gifts
Sergey Novikov

Well, maybe not "the kids are freaking out about getting Christmas pickles, great"  but all Christmas pickles are a big dill during, well... Christmas.

You better believe your sweet gherkin Christmas pickles are trending!

There is the "Christmas Pickle ornament" as in, the elusive pickle ornament, hidden in your Christmas tree... a nod to a rumored German tradition, and then there is the "Christmas Pickle" that turns your mouth red when you eat it... a nod to actual Red Hots.

The elusive Christmas Pickle ornament is a tradition, period.

There has been some skepticism about the actual origins of pickle ornaments. First rumored to be a German tradition, a report from Today.com  offers that German nationals were surveyed and only 8 percent knew about pickle ornaments, and only 2 percent of those interviewed actually hung a pickle ornament in their tree. This is incidentally just fine with us since we had NO CLUE what either of the trending Christmas pickles were when we first heard about them.

Here is some history you might be tempted not to read but remember, Santa IS watching.

Santa Claus Christmas Tropical Beach
Rob Bayer

Well, he is supposed to be.

So, it turns out, the history of hanging a Christmas pickle ornament (usually made of glass not one fresh out of the jar) begins with someone hiding the pickle ornament inconspicuously in their Christmas tree. Likely this tradition began in the 1980s when glass pickle ornaments made their way to the USA from Germany and we needed a reason to justify having a pickle ornament on our tree, so we made it a game of hide and seek.

Anyway, traditionally whoever finds the pickle first on Christmas morning gets to open the first present.

In this way, the process of unwrapping presents is slowed down with everyone taking turns, beginning of course with the lucky kid who found the pickle.

On a side note; I'm not sure why we need a pickle ornament to help our kids remain thoughtful at Christmas when we can just say "Hey kids, slow your roll, we take turns opening presents in this house," but you know,  I don't want to sound 'bitter' about pickle ornaments, so whatever... you do you.

You can read the Today.com article in detail here.

The Christmas Pickles that turn your mouth red are JUST AS INTERESTING.

Sure, fighting to find a fragile glass pickle ornament inside a prickly half- dead fir tree sounds like fun on Christmas morning, but what about the other Christmas pickle that turns your mouth red?

We're talking about cinnamon pickles aka cucumbers pickled with Red Hots and yes, they are trending too.


Here is what you need to know to make your very own batch of Christmas Pickles straight from Youtube's Old Farmer's Wife, because really, who else are you going to turn to for a pickle recipe, then an old farmer's wife right?

And in case you're wondering where to get a Christmas pickle ornament, let me just say, Amazon is the way of the future! So many pickle ornaments, so little time!

Willbond Store/Amazon
Willbond Store/Amazon

So, which Christmas pickle do you think is the bigger dill? Let us know by messaging us on the station app!

Happy Holidays Y'all!

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