With an estimated $10 million budget for Citizen's Medical Center's ER renovation approved by their board of directors, it was time to break ground and celebrate the good things ahead for Victorians in need of ER care.

You might be surprised to learn that Citizen's Medical Center estimates they handle between 33,000 and 35,000 emergencies every year. Not surprising is Citizen's Medical Center national recognitions for its ER care. It's with that in mind that CMC continues to strive for excellence in any emergency situation. In fact, the new renovation is expected to include permanent fixtures to assist medical personnel during an infectious disease pandemic as well.

The new Citizen's Medical Center Emergency Room renovation is expected to take about a year to complete after demolition ends and construction begins so we should see the renovations completed in the fall of 2021.

"Our stakeholders are our citizens, and we invest in the best healthcare options to meet our community needs" offered Mike Olsen, CEO of Citizen's Medical Center during a statement he made as CMC resumed its medical and surgical procedures during the pandemic.

Citizens Medical Center has been Victoria's county non-profit community hospital since 1956. Having grown exponentially over the last few decades, Citizens Medical Center is now a 338-bed acute care hospital with over 1,000 employees.

You can see photos of the ceremony on the Citizen's Facebook page here.

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