If you tried to head to the beaches near Corpus Christi for Easter weekend you probably remember the sand being closed off to vehicles. If you tried to visit the beaches down that way over the 4th of July you probably saw the same thing. Beaches closed, no vehicles allowed.

South Texas residents who purchased a season parking permit are getting tired of being turned away and their frustration has turned into a lawsuit as reported by KRISTV.com. 

Named in the lawsuit are Corpus Mayor Joe McComb and Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales. They have held back making any comments about the legal action other than to say, "It’s a free country, and God bless America." McComb told KRISTV.com "They can (file lawsuits), but we’ll see where it goes.”

Nueces County resident William Rickertsen filed the lawsuit in Nueces County Court At Law No. 2. You can read the write up by clicking the button below.

Rickertsen says the Mayor and Judge are in breach of contract. He says the contract he entered into with the city and county have been disregarded when he bought beach parking permits in the spring. His lawsuit says the two city leaders breached the contract when they closed the beaches to traffic.

Mayor McComb said, “I’m not a lawyer, and I don’t want to venture to guess (what will happen with the lawsuit). I’ll let (the city's legal team) deal with it.” It's nice to see both leaders acknowledge the citizen's right to voice their complaint in court saying they welcome the opportunity to have their day in front of a judge to settle the matter.

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