The last couple of weekends since the state of Texas has begun to reopen have been a pretty busy time for our area beaches. While reports of packed beaches on the Texas coast was exciting to hear, the photos of those beaches after everyone went back home are shocking. shared some photos of the Galveston beaches specifically after a Memorial Day weekend and man does this just look awful...


Can you imagine looking out the back window at this mess once all the weekenders have gone back home? Lauren Talarico with KHOU11 shared the tweet above and says the beaches in Galveston are littered with diapers, beer cans, even needles have been dropped in the sand for someone else to clean up. While some might say this is nothing new, it's definitely worse than in years past.

The totals from Memorial Day Weekend tell the tale. Galveston clean up crews said that they collected 156,000 pounds of trash from bins and some scattered across the beaches. Last year, just over 100,000 pounds of trash was collected after Memorial Day. This was just 1 weekend. A summer full of people dumping needles and garbage all over the beach is going to come back to bite.

One of the things you will notice if you sift through some of the social media posts about the beaches in Galveston are how surprised the local residents are by the garbage and visitor's disregard for keeping the beaches clean. Some are tying it to the coronavirus saying that people have been left to socially distance for so long that now they are just going a little nuts.

We all owe the Galveston Convention Bureau a big thank you and the same for all the beach cleaning teams who wake up at 4 am to go pick up all the garbage that is left behind each weekend.

Remember if you head to the beach and encounter overloaded trash bins it's up to you to take your trash with you and find someplace else to throw it away. Anyone who litters on the beach could receive a ticket for up to $500. After seeing photos like these you know authorities are going to start handing these tickets out soon if not already.

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