Conservative lawmakers in Texas are pushing a bill that would allow the state to control the school curriculum to reject textbooks based on their political and religious beliefs. Galveston state representative, Terri Leo-Wilson has authored House Bill 1804. According to click2houston, The proposed bill would allow the State Board of Education to reject textbooks for students below ninth grade if they include content on sexual orientation, gender identity, and sexual activity. Textbooks could also be rejected if they fail to present U.S. history in a positive light or “encourage lifestyles that deviate from generally accepted standards of society.

HB 1804 is a small part of a long list of bills targeting LGBTQ Texans in this legislative session. So far, the Senate has passed a bill that would restrict classroom lessons, campus activities, and educator guidance about sexual orientation and gender identity in public and charter schools up to 12th grade, with very limited exceptions. It also passed a bill that would defund public libraries where drag queens read to children. Read more about HB 1804 by clicking here. EPIC HIGH SCHOOL CAFETERIA: Check out this now-viral video and also a photo, which shows a food court that appears to be in a mall. However, it is not. This is the cafeteria at Allen High School in North Texas. Mind you this is also the school that also boasts at $60 million football stadium that is out of this world.



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