Starting at midnight this morning, Pizza Hut launched an exciting campaign for the graduating class of 2020. A free medium pizza for graduates nationwide.

That's right! If you've earned your diploma you've earned a free medium pizza from Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut teamed up with America's Dairy Farmers to offer half a million pizzas from today, Tuesday May 26th until supplies last.

We're really curious how long it takes the Class of 2020 to order and eat half a million pizzas!

Crossroads graduates just have to sign up on the Pizza Hut website here and then pick it up at any of our local Pizza Huts here in the Crossroads. Easy Peezy! Yet another way national and local businesses are helping 2020 graduates feel celebrated.

If you need more information you can call 1-800-948-8488 as well.

Here is a fun photo of the Tuesday crew at our local Victoria Pizza Hut on 3404 N. Navarro. Thanks for letting me shoot your photo!

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