Tis the season to get silly! YouTuber Preston Leathermann, notorious for ‘Dancing With an iPod in Public,’ released a Christmas edition of his viral sensation.

Clad in a holiday sweater at a mall, Leathermann lip syncs to Mariah Carey Christmas classic ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You.’ He starts out subdued in the song’s quiet intro, his movements mostly relegated to facial tics correlating with Carey’s signature vocal histrionics. But once the tempo kicks up, so does Leathermann.

He jumps around a Forever 21 surrounded by pink purses, waves to passers by from a Wet Seal store window, jitterbugs in a department store and imitates a Rockette in front of Hollister and even reaches out to passing shoppers in front of a Christmas tree — and yet the people around him seem mostly unfazed.

Leathermann does garner reactions, though. When he prances around a candy shop, a cashier is visibly amused, if not downright charmed, while later on her coworker and Leathermann exchange high-fives. A small audience congregates in a sitting area, and one gentleman next to him on a bench looks a bit confused.

The only time Leathermann stops moving is for a brief moment where he’s enchanted by a lingerie ad … And presses himself against the glass. Typical guy!

As goofy as his moves are, Leathermann’s enthusiasm and cheer are pretty contagious. If you can watch this all the way through without breaking into a grin, you’re probably a grinch!

Watch ‘Dancing With an iPod in Public – Christmas Edition’ Video