The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show got to talk to the man who's played the role of James Bond for the last four movies, Daniel Craig.

Daniel called in to the show from his home in New York to talk about his latest movie, which is a comedy and a bit of a departure from his normal action movies, 'Logan Lucky'. The show talked to Daniel a lot about driving! What its like to drive on the right hand side of the car, if he's ever gotten into a wreck, how fast he's driven plus putting in time on the test track to prepare for the movie! Daniel also talks about a time where he flips a brand new ATV while taking it out on its first run and more!

Before getting off the phone, Big Al asked him about a certain role in a movie that should be out in 2019 concerning a certain character that also goes by the numbers of 007 - if he would be returning to play this character and Daniel gives a cryptic response which we know now is a definite yes!

Listen to this great interview with The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show and Daniel Craig in the best of audio clip below.

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