Police in Livingston got a very unusual late-night call from Downtown Treasures, when two deer were spotted browsing the commemorative plates and postcards section of the store at four in the morning on May 29.

A pair of very distressed whitetails were found guilty of breaking and entering, destruction of property, public intoxication, and causing a disturbance, and were booked into the Polk County Jail very early on the morning of May 29. (That part's not true.)

In all seriousness, one of the deer appeared to have broken a hip in all the commotion, and left a trail of blood through the store. The other was thought to have escaped, but was later found having a midnight snack in the kitchen of the Whistle Stop Cafe next door. It crashed through a second plate glass window, and was last spotted running through the parking lot of Melbo's Convenience store, probably on its way to break into another thrift shop late at night and wake up more police officers.

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