Reports of one particular deer's death were greatly exaggerated.

The animal in question was hit by a Kalamazoo, Michigan, motorist, who thought the deer was dead. He placed the deer in his trunk to take home, according to Public Safety Officer David Miller. Miller found the man in his car in a Red Roof Inn parking lot.

When the man told Miller about the (supposedly) dead deer in his trunk, Miller asked to see it and verify that it had been properly tagged. (Michigan allows drivers to take home roadkill to use for food, as long as they report it and have a permit.)

However, the deer had apparently been merely knocked out, not killed, and when Miller opened the trunk, it scampered out. After taking a moment to get its bearings, the animal ran off into the nearby woods, presumably with an amazing story to tell his deer buddies that they almost certainly won't believe.

Fortunately for us, though, there's video.

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