Demi Lovato was afraid of being punked for the longest time, and her fears were finally realized when Nick Cannon helped to orchestrate some trickery in a scene from a future episode of ‘Punk’d,’ which airs on MTV on March 29.

In a chat with MTV, Lovato wouldn’t reveal the specific details of how she was fooled, but she joked about the incident and told fans they should tune in to see what went down. “[Nick] got my friends Alex and Jack from All Time Low, and they put this scenario together,” she said. “They got me.”

Lovato would only share, “I’m a sucker for, like, ghosts and aliens and stuff like that, so they got me pretty good.” A still image shows Lovato with Cannon in a recording studio. Hmm, perhaps a haunted recording studio?

The funny part is that Lovato has been trying not to let down her guard just in case the show, initially hosted by Ashton Kutcher in 2003, ever returned to the air. “I always wondered if it was gonna come back around, and if it did, if I would be one of them,” Lovato said. “For years, if someone was rude to me in the gas station, I’d be like, ‘Where’s Ashton?’”

The light-hearted discussion about ‘Punk’d’ came after a conversation about ‘Stay Strong,’ the MTV documentary that chronicles Lovato’s continuing fight to stay emotionally and physically healthy.

Watch Demi Lovato Discuss Getting Punk’d