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The heavy hand of justice fell down on a "Karen" this past weekend at the Dallas-Fortworth International Airport. An American Airlines agent used his power for good after an uncompliant airline passenger had disrespected and mistreated an airline employee.

One unidentified was banned from a flight after having a bit of a temper tantrum. According to NBC News, the woman was asked to use an approved mask instead of her own, which was designed with fashion in mind and not health and safety. In addition, the woman was allegedly asked to repace her cloth mask with holes with an approved mask supplied by the airlines.

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The woman apparently had a bit of a fit, and something off-camera went down. According to a Dallas resident, Chris Freeman, who was at the airport claimed, "They were boarding us, and the lady got to the front of the line, and the gate agent said, 'That mask isn’t gonna work,' and she said, 'Why not?' and the agent said, 'It has holes in it. It’s just cloth, and that isn’t gonna work,"

To the Front She Goes

However, moments after boarding the plane, the woman was brought to the front again. A video posted on Twitter reveals the conversation that took place between a gate agent and the woman.

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Apparently, the agent had reports of noncompliance and more from the woman. The agent told the woman that she was spotted taking off the approved mask given to her by the airline and switching it back to her fabric covering that the airline had ruled out just minutes earlier.

The agent can be seen calmly explaining the situation to the woman,"
You called my employee a b****, completely uncalled for inappropriate you're not going to travel. We don't tolerate that crap with us at all, so you can find another carrier to fly; I'd suggest Spirit."

Shots Fired

First of all *shots were fired* at Spirit Airline. Second of all, shout out to that man. Standing up for the employees of the company and not letting customers walk all over them. These days people have this sense of entitlement that overflows everywhere. This agent was not having it, though. He stood his ground and would not allow any amount of disrespect or inappropriate behavior to go down, nope, not on his watch.

Once the woman realized she was not traveling on the airplane, she switched her attitude and suddenly became a nice calm person, as if she wasn't just uncompliant or insulting employees moments before. The agent continued, "If you acted appropriately and weren't disrespectful, I would let you travel, but unfortunately, you called my employee a b*****."

Twitter Applauds This Man

Twitter has gone wild, applauding the actions of this one gentleman. He stood his ground and held his ground to defend his employees.

"If you dont follow our policy, that's period, end of discussion. if you dont want to follow a federal mask mandate and then on top of that calling vulgar names to my employee, it's not gonna happen."

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