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Gov. Abbott just announced that the State of Texas will reopen 100% on Wednesday, March 10th.

During a live Lubbock Texas Chamber meeting, which you can view here, Gov. Abbott addressed his audience offering that " It's time to open Texas, 100%."

"Too many Texans have been sidelined by COVID. Every business that wants to be open, should be open. Every Texan that wants to work should be able to work," Gov. Abbott offered.

"We are in a completely different position than when I first issued an executive order last March. We now have vaccines to protect Texans. More than 5.7 million vaccine shots have been given to Texas. We set a record with 215,000 vaccines administered today. " Gov. Abbott says. "By next Wednesday, 7 million Texans will be vaccinated. By the end of this month, every senior that wants a vaccine will be able to get a vaccine."

Gov. Abbott then offered, " Get this, the vaccine supply is increasing so rapidly, Texas will expand the availability and within a few short months, every Texan that wants the shot will be able to get a shot."

"All of these advancements and events have lead to where we are now. Far more Texans are recovering from COVID than being infected by it. COVID still exists, But it is clear that state mandates are no longer needed," Gov. Abbott offered.

With an audience fully engaged, as we all were watching, Gov. Abbott then offers, "I am issuing a new executive order today, starting next Wednesday, March 10th, Texas will be reopened at 100 percent." Moments later he says, " Next Wednesday we will no longer be required to wear masks."

I'll let that sink in for a minute.

Gov. Abbott continues, “Removing statewide mandates does not end personal responsibility or the importance of caring for your family members,” says Abbott. “Personal vigilance to follow the safe standards is still needed to contain the COVID virus. It’s just that now state mandates are no longer needed.

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