Just a bit over a year from the debut of "I'm the One," DJ KhaledChance The Rapper, Quavo and Justin Bieber reunite. Today (July 27), the DJ taps the three artists for "No Brainer," the first single from his forthcoming Father of Asahd album. He's also unloaded a video for the new track.

The "No Brainer" video finds Khaled, Chance, Bieber and Quavo on the set of a mock Hollywood movie set. In the background, we can see Khaled's catchphrase and label namesake, "We the Best," in the place of the world-famous Hollywood sign in California. Baby Asahd is also all over the video.

The song itself plays out as if it were actually titled, "I'm the One (Part 2)." The hook for the song, like the chorus for "I'm the One," sees Bieber explaining why he's the best there is.

"You stick out of the crowd, baby, it's a no-brainer/It ain't that hard to choose/Him or me, be for real, baby, it's a no-brainer/You got your mind unloose/Go hard and watch the sun rise/One night'll change your whole life," Bieber croons on the song, which was produced in part by "I'm the One" producer, Nic Nac.

In a verse not too much different from his melodic turn on "I'm the One," Quavo adds onto the flexing. "Mama told you don't talk to strangers/But when you're riding in the drop, you can't explain it/What you been waiting on this whole time? (Yeah)/I blow the brains outta your mind," he raps.

Next up is Chano, who delivers some quotable one-liners and a tight flow. "Don't look rich, I ain't got no chain (huh)/Not on the list, I ain't got no name/But we in this bitch, bitch, I'm not no lame/And I keep this shit a Franklin, I'm not gon' change."

Khaled originally teased the track in a Monday afternoon (July 23) Instagram post. ""BREAKING NEWS!music and video FAN LUV #NOBRAINER THIS FRIDAY ANTHEM !AND VIDEO! #DJKHALED feat @justinbieber@chancetherapper @quavohuncho #FatherOfAsahd @wethebestmusic @epicrecords@rocnation ANOTHER ONE ! Remember each --leads to the next --MORES --s soon come [sic]," he wrote.

While the moment after a song's release is most definitely too early to predict any sort of commercial numbers, Khaled's track record with Chano and Bieber makes this one feel like a safe bet. Since its release last summer, "I'm the One," which also featured Quavo and Lil Wayne, has gone five times platinum. Now, it's time to see what this new track can do.

Check out "No Brainer" for yourself below.

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