For those of us not born with a silver spoon in our mouths, there’s a good chance that we’ve had a few jobs along the way that we were less than fond of. Well, that’s also true for the rich and famous.

The stars of today were the stock boys and overworked waitresses of yesteryear. So when you’re feeling down about whatever crummy job you might be doing now, or did in the past, you can take heart. It’s nice to know that a lot of successful celebrities had to pay their dues as well.

Madonna Served Jelly Rolls at Dunkin’ Donuts


Yep, the ‘Material Girl’ wasn’t always about glitz and glamour. Before she was rocking the crowds with her dance moves and controversial lyrics, she was slinging donuts. Apparently, according to the pop legend herself, she was fired from the chain for squirting donut jelly all over the patrons.

Jon Stewart Bussed Tables at a Mexican Joint

Jon Stewart

These days, Comedy Central’s golden boy Jon Stewart is busing cleaning up the political mess left by the right and the left on his show ‘The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.’ Before Mr. Stewart was king of the airwaves and comedy clubs, he was cleaning up the messes left by customers at a Mexican restaurant. ‘Busboy’ now happens to be the name of his production company. That job must have left an impression on him.

Tom Cruise Wanted to Become a Priest


No, he wasn’t training to become a priest with the Scientologists (they don’t have priests, as far as we know). During high school, Tom Cruise actually considered entering the seminary because of his interest in spirituality. He eventually decided to give the Catholic Church a pass, although later found a more outer space-oriented calling with the Church of Scientology. Lafayette Ronald Hubbard would be very proud of him.

Steve Buscemi was a NYC Fireman

Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi is known for playing oddballs and men who are possessed of bad character, or at the very least, violent tendencies. Before this Hollywood actor made a career out of playing gangsters and sociopaths, he was actually saving lives as a New York City fireman. If you called the NYC Fire Department in the early 1980s, there’s a chance Steve might have been one of the men who answered your call.

Hugh Jackman Worked as a Party Clown


Wolverine was a clown? That seems like a stretch, considering all of the macho roles Hugh Jackman has taken over the years, but it’s true. Hugh supported himself for almost three years working as a clown at children’s parties. The future “sexiest man alive” pulled in about $50 a show. He’s come a very long way since then.

Paula Abdul was a Los Angeles Lakers Cheerleader

Paula Abdul

America’s sweetheart, Paula Abdul, got her start working as a Los Angeles Lakers Cheerleader. Back then, her dancing talents got noticed, and she soon became a music video dance choreographer who was very much in demand. Then she launched a singing career, and later on, became a staple of television shows like ‘America Idol.’

Brad Pitt Wore a Giant Chicken Mascot Outfit

"Killing Them Softly" Premiere Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt, who was once voted People Magazine’s sexiest man alive, had to pay the bills before he became a star by donning a full body chicken suit. Why would anyone pay him for this? Well, his job was to attract customers to the fast food chicken joint ‘El Pollo Loco’ in Los Angeles. The manager must have thought Mr. Pitt’s good looks weren’t enough to bring the people in.

Harrison Ford Was a Carpenter

Harrison Ford

Before he was Han Solo, speeding through the galaxy, or Indiana Jones, bullwhip in hand, Harrison Ford worked as a carpenter. To be fair, he got carpentry gigs to stay afloat while auditioning for film roles. Rumor has it he was at George Lucas’ house building cabinets, and somehow managed to get a part in the director’s movie ‘American Graffiti,’ which later helped Harrison land a key role in the lucrative ‘Star Wars’ franchise.

Ashton Kutcher Wanted to Become a Biochemical Engineer

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is famous for a lot of reasons. He’s been on television, in movies and a very active advocate and user of Twitter. There was a time, though, when Ashton wasn’t thinking about acting at all. He was majoring in biochemical engineering at the University of Iowa when a talent scout came knocking. After that, he became a model in New York City, and then launched his acting career with ‘That 70’s Show.’

Vin Diesel Knocked Heads as a Club Bouncer

Fast & Furious 5 Rome Premiere

Tough guy Vin Diesel has made a career of beating the tar out of people on screen. It only makes sense that he did the same, or at least threatened to do the same when he was working as a bouncer in New York City. He started bouncing while still in his teens, and took on the name Vin Diesel (his real name is Mark Vincent) to enhance his menacing doorman image.

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