Drake isn’t the only pop star to see himself celebrated by being permanently etched on a fan’s skin via a tattoo. His reported ex and ‘Take Care’ duet partner Rihanna tweeted a photo of a fan who shared her own personal RiRi tatt.

While the Drake fan tatted his name on her forehead, which is much more dramatic and extreme, the Rihanna fan certainly demonstrated her love.

It’s a quality, black and grey portrait of Ri’s face on the forearm, just below where the arm bends. It’s well-done work and it’s instantly recognizable as the Bajan singer, who is pouting and emitting her signature sexy stare, with her bangs swept to one side.

But we have to point out that tatts are permanent and we really hope this fan is a dedicated, lifelong member of the Rihanna Navy. We hope she doesn’t regret this down the road, since it’s large and detailed.

However, we’re not trying to rain on the fan’s parade and we admit that it’s certainly cool that Rihanna shared it with the rest of the Navy that follows her on Twitter. She didn’t offer anything in the way of comments about the ink, other than the #ILL hashtag.

Below is the tweet and the image.