Easter is almost here. I can’t wait to have all the kids over hunting for eggs and my favorite part the confetti eggs. When I was a little girl, we used to always find the perfect batch of wildflowers and take pictures in them with our baskets and Easter Bunnies. My twin sister Kelly enjoys when our grandma fills Easter Eggs with money which sometimes are dollar bills in them to hunt. It’s quite a scene to see us big grandkids hunt eggs but boy, is it fun. Families all have different traditions for Easter. Here are a few traditions people have.

Robbie Blaschke as a child would make an Easter nest for the Easter Bunny, the nest would consist of grass and wildflowers that they had picked.

Stephanie Gauna and her family get together and everyone brings different foods for everyone to try. When all of the kids get together, it’s like fifty of them, and they play games, hide eggs and everyone wants to find the eggs with money in them.

Trina Rendon and her family take a group picture of everyone with their Easter Basket’s on their heads… wearing it like a bonnet. She said she knows it’s corny but the picture actually turns out as a cute picture and the adults are included.

Monett Cox said growing up, she’d spend every Easter at my Big Mama's house (she was her Great Grand-mother) in Moody, Texas. Her cousin and she would make Easter egg nests out of the bluebonnets that grew in the field beside her house... We'd make what felt like hundreds of them and hide them ALL over her yard. One year, they were old enough to question the existence of the Easter Bunny, but still young enough to want to believe in him, so she made a "special" nest. They were soooo careful to make sure NO GROWN UPS were watching us as we hid this particular nest in a lily patch. We were confident that ONLY the REAL Easter Bunny would be able find it and fill it with eggs. Easter morning, she was the first one to wake up, or so she thought she was, and she quietly snuck outside to see if the Easter Bunny had indeed found the nest … and Yes!! Yes, Monett!! There really is an Easter Bunny!!

Karen Matak said when her grandfather was just a wee boy her great grandmother would have all the family over to celebrate Easter, play a little ball, see everyone, listen to cousins playing the accordion, and have a HUGE hunt every year. Decades later, the Mataks still all get together Easter weekend as a family reunion, eat, hunt eggs, and do a little dancing with our musically talented peeps.

Jessica Borella’s Easter Bunny hid her basket and her and her brother would have to hunt for the basket and eggs. Their Easter Bunny was very tricky, by the way.

This Easter I hope you have the best one ever. Remember every time you get showered with confetti supposedly that brings you good luck. I would love to share some of your Easter photos with our listeners feel free to email me your best Easter picture at melissarivera@townsquaremedia.com . The staff and I here will select our favorite photo and that family will receive a free zoo membership.