Yesterday I started to see pictures circulating on social media of the inside of the new El Paso Taco and Tequila's Mexican Restaurant in downtown Victoria.  The caption said, ' coming soon to Downtown Victoria in January 2022.'   As of this morning, that post has been shared 658 times and counting and their Facebook following has exploded. Follow them for an official date opening post coming soon.


I had a chance to chat with the owner, Rogelio Chavez, to get a little more information about the new vibe coming to downtown Victoria.  He starts out by saying that 'This is not a high-end restaurant, it is for everyone!' The menu will be of the Tex-Mex variety and yes they will have homemade tortillas. The new restaurant will prepare guacamole and flameados table-side. Which is a nice touch to the Mexican restaurant experience. Chavez adds, 'the fajitas are fantastic!'   They will also have one of the biggest selections of Tequila and Margaritas in Victoria. I mean take a look at the bar...



If you look hard enough, you can see a hint of the Soiree Venue including the stage and upstairs. However, the inside has a vibrant energetic new look.  The stage will feature weekly entertainment from local musicians and also some great impersonators: such as Selena, Elvis, and Dolly. They are currently hiring and are slated to open next month.


In this small area of downtown, there is so much going on. I mean you have Fossati's, Vela Farms, The Box, Huvars, Bethune and Sun, Texian Books, and Moonshine. On the next block, we have Peaches and Tortilla which is a boutique that will be opening up soon.  The Ballet Academy of South Texas has just opened up as well. The future of Downtown Victoria starts now.

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