An elderly Texas woman's life was recently saved by a younger relative in San Antonio. A woman in her 70s had taken a trip to River Center Mall in San Antonio unaware that her life would be nearly taken.


As the elderly woman was walking around inside the mall she headed towards the restroom just before 11 am. While taking care of business, the elderly woman crossed paths inside the restroom with another woman.

The two women share an interaction that turns sour and they begin to argue. Still, inside the mall bathroom, the woman's argument quickly escalates and suddenly the elderly woman is attacked.


The unidentified 30-something-year-old woman continues arguing and abruptly pulls out a knife. The woman approaches the elderly woman and begins to stab her several times.

As the violent attack continues, a younger relative of the elderly woman walks into the mall restroom. Startled, the younger relative quickly takes action to save her bloody family member.


Pulling out her own knife, the elderly woman's relative runs up and stabs the suspect. The quick move successfully ended the fight, scaring off the suspect who fled from the mall restroom.

The suspect continued to flee the violent scene, however as she headed towards the upper level of the mall she collapsed. San Antonio Police arrive and immediately arrested the suspect.

Both women who were stabbed were taken to the hospital. The elderly woman is in critical condition, while the suspect's injuries and conditions are unknown at the time.

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