Summer holidays always involve 3 things: the outdoors, grilling, and fireworks. Texas weather almost eliminated fireworks this summer with the lack of rain and rise in burn bans put in place. However, last-minute Texas weather made a comeback, rained for a bit, and burn bans were lifted, creating a surge of last-minute firework purchases.


We say it all the time, fireworks are fun, but you must be safe and careful. One 43-year-old San Antonio man, unfortunately, made extremely bad decisions that lead to his death over the weekend.

Pablo Ruiz of San Antonio was doing what many other people around the United States were doing this weekend- enjoying the holiday outdoors and lighting fireworks.


Unfortunately, Ruiz made a serious of unfortunate mistakes Monday night. Local police were called to the city’s southwest side around 12:20 am in response to a tragic mishap.

When police arrived they discovered Pablo Ruiz's body. The 43-year-old San Antonio man had been drinking that night and decided to light fireworks.


However, Police say Ruiz lit a mortar-style firework on top of his head. If you aren't familiar with mortar-style fireworks they are the #1 most dangerous style of fireworks, resulting in 39% of all firework-related injuries.

Putting any firework on top of your head is dangerous but putting a mortar-style firework above your head can be fatal. In Pablo Ruiz's case, he was pronounced deceased at the scene. His cause of death was determined to be a head injury due to a fireworks mishap/incident.

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